Your profitable sales syStem

that aligns with your business growth

+ Enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee on your sunny porch while sending out some exciting emails to your cherished people on your email list about your next big offer and shortly after getting replies like “I can’t wait, already signed up!”

+ While also knowing that your sales page / website is showing exactly who you are and attracting those who are ready to step out of their comfort zone and sign up with you!

It can be just that easy when you stop trying to DIY every part of your business and let me take over your tech and design tasks so you can focus on serving more dream clients……on autopilot!

It’s all possible without

Getting frustrated

Because overwhelm is a b*tch when it comes to building a sales funnel or website, but a mindful planning makes it all clear and do-able

Giving your dog a bath

Because you feel he/she is the only one understanding how important is to have a strategic plan for a system that takes your business to the sky so you can walk/play with him instead of giving his/her dreaded bath 3 time a day

Being mad at your computer

Because you don’t know what are the next logical steps to take and your customers are getting lost, leaving you money on the table

Abandoning it all

Because your dreams and goals are so much more powerful than not having them done to scale your business to the next level

You want to know for sure that

An automated system can work so well for your business even when you are out and about doing other awesome things while your PayPal notifications are ding-dong like a cash machine.


Most importantly

What is

The right sales funnel or website strategy that makes sense and how to implement it for your business growth. The very first step to any successful system is to lay out a solid foundation that starts with planning. If you can’t see where you are going, the chances to hit a wall is pretty high, and would need to rent a bulldozer to tear it all down just so you can rebuild it.

So. Let’s leave that extra and time-consuming work to the dust and save the dog from the bath. Together!

Hey hey!

I’m veronika

I help rising /bad a**/ female entrepreneurs ‘like yourself’ to build a 5-6 figure digital empire that runs on autopilot

And I am passionate about creating custom digital client journey strategies aka sales / marketing funnels and websites to help your business scale without having to worry about the tech and design challenges on how your customers move from point A to point B.

Book Your Brainstorm / Clarity session Now

where You & I go through your offers / or even come up with new ones and line them up logically so it flows your client’s journey seamlessly from point “Unknown” to point “Paid Client”

It always looks so easy, but I’ve seen and frankly made the mistake myself that I didn’t think of what the next step is in my funnel or what my website was supposed to do AND how am I going to implement it the easiest and most effective way!?? My offers were all over the place so I got a big fat zero nada and couldn’t help the clients that so so so much needed my help. Bummer, right?


90 Minutes = and  walk away with a plan to scale!

But you don’t need to make the same mistakes

When you have a clear plan and know exactly where your client’s journey goes and what to offer at each step….because You & I Created a successful plan with strategies, methods, and easy to implement tools for you to manage

I invite you to pick my brain, use my help to create your value ladder, funnel, or website plan that actually works.


A personalized customer roadmap that will not leave holes in your lead system. Yes, you will get a mindmap so you can see and not just imagine how it works and flows.

No fluff

Not wasting any time on how the weather is. Sorry…not sorry. You come with a set of questions and we cross them off of your “how-to/why/what list”. (freebies, offers, systems, tools etc)


I will not let you go without a clear understanding of what and why you need what we come up with during our brainstorm session. What tools are right for the master plan.

I believe

That no website or sales funnel should be a cookie cutter solution when it’s time to scale up. Templates are a great start up boosters, but they will not offer you the exact strategy that you need at this point in your business to match with your level of expertise.

A custom tailored, targeted customer journey is what makes you stand out in the eyes of your ideal audience and from all the noise it’s out there in the online world.


90 minutes session and get your scalable roadmap done