How it works

Step by step flow

websites – sales funnels – consulting

I highly value transparency and effective communication, which ultimately lead to exceptional results.

If your brand & offers have changed, your voice & vision for your business evolved, it’s time to scale it to the new standards of running an online business.


Your business merits nothing less than that!

The flow

simple & friendly

Step 1

All services start with a free call where we talk about: your goals, your target audience, your content, your current strategy. Along with what you are looking for in terms of: features & functionality and your design preferences.

We can also get a feeling if we are actually a good fit to work together. If so, then we go through the quick scope and payment options.

All "journeys" inlcude:
  • Customer journey mapping / strategy
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Social media integration [if needed]
  • Photo sourcing [if needed]
  • Image optimization [resizing, crop, color correction]
  • Copywriting prompts
  • Basic SEO
  • Custom short training video
  • After project support [varies based on journey chosen]
Contract & Payment

After the discover call:

If we decide to work together then I will create a quick scope of work along with estimated timeline, the contract and the invoice.[which also outlines any payment plan]

After signing the contract and you’ve made your payment we move to the strategy & design part.

Strategy & Design

Your customer’s “journey” mapping and  marketing / flow strategy will take place before the design starts.

You will also send me all the information [images, copy] needed to have your new beautiful website, sales funnel built. Then….

I’ll start working on the first draft based on the design direction we have agreed to go on.


When all pages are approved by you and all payments have been made I transfer your website/sales funnel to your own domain name and hosting.

At this stage there are no more revisions.

Then I check if everything is working well and up to standards.

Sign Off & Support

Project sing-off where we have officially finished the design & delivery stage of your project.

All “journeys” include some form of support, but the length will vary depending on your chosen “journey”. [30 days to 7 days]

Are you ready to elevate, scale and grow your business?